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We’re trying to figure out a good way to provide project information to a broader audience without increasing our license costs for vended application. That tool uses Jaspersoft for out of the box reporting. We have the option to create custom reports but are not very familiar with Jaspersoft. There's lots of training information available online, but before I dig too far into it, I'm curious if it'll meet our needs. The information we’re struggling to put together in a report is mostly text. In this report, users could select a different project to filter on and the related text would update accordingly. In my brief review, it doesn’t seem like Jaspersoft would be a good option for this. Has anyone used it for this need before? See sample screenshots from our tool to see what type of information we're trying to pull together for users.



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i've been using jasperreport around 5 months, my current opinion is its not that dynamic and hard to customize.
but thats prolly coz i lack of knowledge on how to work with it.

i create some reports already with custom looks and custom parameters that goes to query before generating report.
the parameter is input by user and could be anything depends on the input type and u could use it in query or just show it in the report.
im proud of myself with the result!

also i find it quite difficult to find answers of my report development problem in google or community.
u can see that many unanswered question in the question list, but comment like this haha

but maybe thats because i lack of experience and still learning its 'rarely-demonstrated feature'.
if i were to rate it from other reporting tool (which i never use as well), i would give 7/10 (with 6 is the lowest i would ever give. unless the app is really broken or left, i will give lower number).

i advise u take ur time to look around and consult ur need, coz some company needs support for the app they purchase.
then see wether jasper meet ur need or not.

and if u ask me to make report like the attachment above, i would say im 35% confident to make it looks like that.
45% with minor changes, and 65% with major changes.

hope my opinion helps :D

regards, TV - noobies

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