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Hi Guys,

Hope i can get help on this one, i have a parameter i want changed to a dropdownlist, on Jaspersoft Studio i achieved this by changing the parameter class to 'java.util.ArrayList' and default value expression to Arrays.asList("Branch", "Province").

This works fine on studio, when i run the report i'm presented with the dropdown with Branch and provice, however when i upload report to server this dropdown is not presented to user at report runtime, they must manually enter/capture branch/province

I do not have access to the Jasperserver, vendor does not allow us to access, so i have to achieve this without server input controls, any help /pointers will be appreciated



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The only way to get this working was to get the input controls setup on the JasperServer side, i had to write step by step instructions and get the vendor to setup on my behalf, It seems input controls can only be setup on the server side on deloper app

mjmapi - 2 years 7 months ago

Hi did you get a solution for this dropdown issue?

Even I'm Facing the Same issue.

Thanks in advance.



raj.servespeople - 2 years 7 months ago

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