Jasper server 7.2.0 Vulnerability Issue

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Can any one please confirm that Jasper reports server 7.2.0 does it have or not the current affetcted vulnerabilty issue like other listed on below link.

Curernt vulnerability on most server - TIBCO JasperReports Library Directory Traversal Vulnerability. 


 TIBCO portal it dose not confirm that whether Jasper reports server 7.2.0 version does have or not. Please let me know so that it can help me to opt for this server and resolving the issue.

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Refer to https://www.tibco.com/security


Security Advisories

TIBCO distributes information about security vulnerabilities and remediation in its products through security advisories.

Public Security Notices

TIBCO’s response to general publicly announced security issues can be found on our Public Notices page.

Security Policy, Practices and Processes

For details on TIBCO Security Policies, Practices and Processes please see the TIBCO Security Guidelines.

djohnson53 - 3 years 6 months ago

If it is not on the list then it is not affected. That is how it is meant to be read. What is on the list is "TIBCO JasperReports Server version 7.1.0".

vchiem - 3 years 6 months ago

If you read the advisory carefully, It states that the solution for users of JRL/JRS 7.1.0 is to upgrade to 7.1.1 or higher - 7.2.0  >  7.1.1.

If you have additional questions/concerns, you'll need to contact the security folks. Refer to TIBCO Security Issues - Policy and Procedure

djohnson53 - 3 years 6 months ago

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