How to pass a Integer array to a report (visualize.js)?

Hi there,

I've a repot based on the following SQL

select instruments.instrument_name, instruments_status.instruments_status_name, instruments_type.instrument_type_code, instruments.instrument_active 
from instruments, instruments_status, instruments_type 
where instruments.instrument_status = instruments_status.instruments_status_id AND
instruments.instrument_type = instruments_type.instrument_type_id AND
$X{IN, instruments.instrument_type, param_instruments_type}

Where param_instruments_type is a java.util.Collection parameter with java.lang.Integer as nested types.


First time that I load the report from my JSP, it is shown inluding all the possible values (because I have no defined value expression). Problems comes when I try to pass just one, or multiple integer values directly from the JSP using the following codes. Any idea?

report.params({"param_instruments_type": [2]}).run();

report.params({"param_instruments_type": [2,1]}).run();

report.params({"param_instruments_type": [parseInt(2)]}).run();

12:01:09.180 [bi/report/Report] [visualize.js:56] [ERROR] - input.controls.validation.error : Input controls validation failure


I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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