Report with table count result not correct



I'm recently using Jaspersoft studio 6.9 to generate reports from PostgreSQL database.
My query is quite simple to start: select * from [mytable].

I'm creating the report using Blank_A4_Landscape template, and use the query for init dataset.
Then i'm dragging a Table component to the report, once again create a query to retreive the column name and then organize the table. The problem is with the result : The total row count of the query should be 205, but it's displaying 42230....

It's like query is run twice ?? So I tried removing the dataset from either the main or the one attached to the table component. Removing from the main will give me Document is empty. Removing from the table dataset will result in 205 records but nothing displayed.

Maybe i'm not using the table component correctly, could someone help me ?

Thank you.

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If you use the query as report query than don't put the table in detail band but instead into the summary band. 

If you use a subdataset than also be aware what you are using as report query and where you place that table component. The detail band is rendered per main query result record. 

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