How to do pagination dynamically ?



i'm so new to jasper reporting,

What i'm trying to do is, i want to fetch 1000 records per page, so for this i'm using Jaspersoft Studio and used break element in the detail band by providing the Print When Expression as $V{PAGE_COUNT} == 1000 and also i have streched the page height to some point where it can take 1000 records. So till here everything is fine, but the problem is if im getting total 1200 in records then it is diplaying 1000 records for first page but in second page only 200 records by leaving 800 rows of empty space which is not accepted by client. All i want is that if second page is having only 200 rows the footer should be adjusted dynamically by eliminating those empty spaces.

So anyone's help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.


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