How to create a report of a OLAP view


I created (by the tool JasperAnalysis-Workbench-3.7.0 ) a OLAP cube (and I saved it to an xml file) without problems

(the datasource that I use is in a my postgres db where I implemented a my star schema of a datawarehouse).

Then, using Jasper report server 6.0.1 I deployed the above OLAP cube ( I followed the tutorial in )

without problems (I also used the mondrian OLAP service of Jasper report ) .

So, now, I have my Analysis view that I see well (I can choose view options, I can view hostograms, ecc..) without problems.

But, to see the above view I have, before, to log in (with administration password) to the jasper report server .

I want to simply call a REST web service (without using a password) in order to see the above analysis view

(for example, I want to insert in a web page a link that is reffered to an URI, of a REST service, in order to see the above view

(an also if it is possible to parametrize the URI, for example passing my desired mdx query)).

What tool Have I to use in order to realize this? (only free open source):

- IReport ?

- Jasper Studio ?

(I saw in the documentation of the above tool, but I did not find anything regarding how to use the OLAP view, already deployed in jasper server, that use the mondrian connection to db).

Could you help me?




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