Run / Execute a Report in JasperReport based on critical events occurrence in data/datasource

We are new in understanding JasperReports and was going through the Jasper REST API.
I want to know does it have the functionality to Generare/Run/Execute a Report based on some event in Data.
Say JasperReport Server connected to some data bases , and any based on specified condition ( gas levels  > 100 ) Report is executed Automatically. 
Your help would be appreciated

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1 Answer:

I would not use Jaspersoft for this solution.

Is it possible to have SQL agent that runs a routine job?  This would have far less overhead.


That being said you can schedule a series of reports that run routinely but do not send emails for empty reports effectively only triggering an email on the condition.


Again, I would probably advise against this from an architectural standpoint.


SQL Server has SQL Server agents PostgreSQL has PgAgent.

Even better would be to set a table level trigger that would kick of without the need of an agent.  These can send email or can be configured to work with listening agents for more resiliency.'s picture
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