unable to export arabic font in pdf


Hi all,

i want to use my new font in ireport 5.6.0 and i install it from tools>>options and select my ttf font file , also i added the font to windows fonts .

now when running the report in "internal preview " the new font will appear perfectly (kindly find below : ) 

but when using "pdf preview " the pdf shows a wrong word and sometimes ignoring some letters (kindly find below : ) 

the pdf encoding i used "Identity-H (Unicode with horizontal writing)" and i checked that the pdf font is embedded.

kindly your support as i tried with a different solutions on the internet but i got no result



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Hi sehrishnaz47 ,

thanks alot for the response , i did all the steps but still the issue appears , BTW after exporting the font as jar what should i do next ?because i already added the jar file in classpath so maybe there is another step for for exporting the JAR file 

naif.alzubaidi7 - 11 months 3 hours ago

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