Bad results on PDF printers - wrong page size and rasterized text


I am using Jaspersoft Studio since a couple years to build some reports, I just produce PDF documents based on data in a PostgreSQL database.

I've been using this process for a couple years, quite happy with it. I got back to it in the past days after a break of a few months, and I found that something horribly broke.

Usually I just produce the PDF by going to Java preview and print from there using a PDF printer like DoPDF or PDFCreator (on Windows 10). Let me please repeat that this process has worked pretty well for years.

Now two bad things happen when doing so that definitely didn't happen previously:

1) Even though the page size is A4, the result is smaller than that - the PDF pages are A4 but the report content is printed in the upper left corner and a lot of blank space is around it at the lower right.

I found that if I set the print zoom to 166% (from PDF printer preferences) I'm back to have proper size

2) The outcome is not vectorial! Even text is rendered as raster, I can see that zooming in in the PDF everything is blurry and aliased.

Both on these did not happen 3/4 months ago, same reports same PC. I thought it was a problem of Jasper Studio 6.10 but it also happens on a different PC with still Jasper Studio 6.6.

And it also happens both using doPDF and PDFCreator, so this cannot be a problem of a specific PDF printer.

Also, exporting to PDF directly from Jasper Studio does not show any of the above mentioned issues - content size is correct and text is vectorial, but of course I lose the ability to quickly embed all the fonts I want (and I'd like to avoid messing with Font Extensions because I tend to use a lot of different fonts).

Since I am having these issues on three different systems  I'm afraid it's something that changed on Windows 10.

Anybody can help understanding what's going on?



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