where to find or purchase jrxml report files


Greetings, Jasper community. 

I am new to Jasper and would like to show the capacity of  basic interactive jasper reports. 

Where can I download/purchase developed JRXML report files?  rightnow do not have the time to learn and build myself. 

Looking for reports such as a chart with drill down and allow user to set simple filter.  something similar to the sample reports provided with the software. 

any info to put me in the right direction will be appreciated. 

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We do not need ad hoc report. would like to purchase jrxml file with good UI so I can modify quickly to fit my purpose.

where can I find such jrxml for sale or download?

info_744 - 3 weeks 5 days ago

1 Answer:


If your users are looking for interactive reports or on the fly reports you may want to look at Jaspersoft Pro which has Ad hoc reporting.

You should sign up for a webinar or demo to see which solution is right for you.



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