In which client can I use jasperreports-6.7.0.jar?

We use a 3rd party Java application to render jasper reports and are going through an upgrade project to that software (JDA WMS).

In our current version we had to compile against jasperreports-5.0.0.jar and simply used iReports5.0.0 to achieve this.

We have been instructed that we now need to compile against jasperreports-6.7.0.jar.

I have checked through the software version history on sourceforge and concluded that iReports is not feasible. Moving to JasperSoft Studio is not a problem for us, but the version history jumps from 6.6.0 to 6.8.0.

It may be the case that I can download 6.8.0, then retroactively supplant the jar with jasperreports-6.7.0.jar, but I’d really like to know that that’s the correct course of action before I proceed. Can anyone help me?

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I would suggest to using the same version across the platform just to avoid any unforseen issues. Why can't you use the 6.8.0 jar file across the board?



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