Ranking Results after Sum or Count Calculation


we are using Jaspersoft Report with Domains as Source.

So we don't have the possibility to solve following requiremend within SQL Code. (e.g. using RANK())

Is there a way to rank the results for a calulated sum within Jaspersoft Studio?

Source table in Domain:

Owner Ticket#
A 111
B 112
B 113
C 114
A 115
B 116


So we built a report, which groups the Owners and count the number of Tickets for each Owner.

(First you need to sort by Owner, otherwise the grouping is not working properly and would group the Owner B as 2 blocks.)

Result as Report is now:

Owner Amount of Tickets
A 2
B 3
C 1


But for the Report we would like to rank the Owner with the most tickets to the top. How can this be done with standard features of JasperStudio and using Domains? I didn't find a way to get this result:

Owner Amount of Tickets
B 3
A 2
C 1


I just have seen older posts, which requested such a feature years ago. And it was meant, that it has been taken as enhancement request. But even in version 7.1 manual I cannot find anything about it.

Any thoughts are appreciated.



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