change the position of the "summary"


I would like to change the position of the summary. how to make this section come right after the page header?


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2 Answers:


We can't move the summary, but maybe we can accomplish what you are trying to do.

I assume that you want to have a calculated field after the page header.

Maybe you have tried this by dragging your field to the Column header  and selecting a calculation (sum or count) but the result has returned NULL.

This can be fixed simply by selecting changing the Evaluation time to Report.  (This will calculate after the report has rendered and will no longer be NULL)


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hi tiam,

he's right! we cant move the summary band location :(

last time i struggled with page number in the footer page and a table in summary page, but footer page band placed above the summary band. but no worries! when printed out, the footer page content should be below summary page.



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