Jasper domains taking too long to respond

Hi community,

I'm facing a really odd issue when trying to edit a domain on jasper server.

I'm able to open the domain designer where I need to make modifications and I actually get to change everything I need (Basically I just added some new fields).

But when I press the OK button, which is supposed to save the modifications I just made, it shows a Loading pop-up and freezes the screen. Then I have to close the browser and log in to Jaspersoft again.

Yesterday afternoon I made a test modifying a domain, clicked on OK and left the company after the loading pop-up appeared ... When I came to my desk today morning, it was still freezed.

It doesn't trigger any kind of message into the log files and also doesn't save my domain. It seems it just ignores what I've made.

Has anyone faced this issue? Do you have a clue on what to do or where to look deeper at?

I'm working with jasper version 6.4.

Thanks in advance!

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2 Answers:

Hey hey,

could be that your domain is "broken". I was told by Jasper-Support that those things can happen. Restarting the server and/or exporting and re-importing the domain might help. Hope that works for you.



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Thanks, Sandy!

Actually I've done this multiple times.

I noticed a memory peak on Jasper server when I was trying to update a domain, so I allocated more memory to the virtual machine and at least now it's triggering errors into the log files.

I'm running into these errors:

ERROR JdbcDataSourceService,https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-12:104 - Connection validation is not supported by driver


ERROR BaseJdbcMetaDataFactoryImpl,https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-3:247 - Cannot execute JDBC Query.

java.sql.SQLException: [DataDirect][OpenAccess SDK JDBC Driver]Internal network error, connection closed.


Already tried to configure a new driver in my data source and update the existing one, with no success.

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