how do I link my Jaspersoft studio to the server?


I have just downloaded and installe JaspeSoft Studio 7.1.0. How do I connect it to our SaaS JasperSoft Server. My understanding is that once I installed the studio I will then link it to the server but I never got to that step in my installation.

Am I missing a step or something in my installation file?


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Hi victor.jonathan. 

When in the jasperstudio. Look for the 'Repository' tab.
If yo ucannot find it, in the studio top menu, select 'Window', look for 'Show View' amd then other. In the pop up, look for Repository Explorer. 
Ok so now you should have the 'Repository' tab. Select it and right click on Servers and select the 'create jasperreports server connection'

Now you should be familiar with the normal stuff. i.e. URL etc. 
Not on Organization textbox : for community edition leave it blank for pro I cannot remember excatly, but it might be 'organization' and if you have other organization it might be 'organization/other_org_name' 

Hope this all helps. 
Good luck.

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