Is the TIBCO mssql driver better than a classic mssql driver ?


Hello everyone,

I started to test the Jaspersoft BI suite with a community version and I used a classic mssql driver : 

But as I can see, there is a TIBCO mssql driver available in my demo enterprise version : 

I'm wondering if the TIBCO driver is better than my classic mssql driver for reporting.

Thanks for your answers guys.

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1 Answer:


The TIBCO JDBC drivers are from Progress. In general, we have found these as good or better (performance, flexibility,  stability...) than the vendors' drivers.

The Jaspersoft team tests and certifies all these drivers for use with the commercial versions, and does not certify the individual vendors' drivers.

The TIBCO drivers only be used in the commerical Jaspersoft products, as they are controlled  by Jaspersoft license keys.

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