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We need to use Jasperreport to create daily reports.

Per my intuition, it should be feasible if we have a Jasperreport server in place.

In such a case, the report can get its data through the data source configuration. 

I am sure we can have a couple of options to run the report.

However, our management team wants me to use Java and Jasperreport to finish the task.

Is the management team's decision reasonable?

Many thanks for your advice in advance.

ps. I found the following code indicating how to add a data source to jasperreport from the Java application side.

It would be highly appreciated if anyone could share more information such as sample code in this regard.


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so u want to generate report form jasper daily?
i think jasper can run jobs to generate report, i hvnt tried it tho.
perhaps u could make a report with query that show the specified date everytime the report open and export it daily via jobs.

if u by any chance able to do it, pls share here too, prob ill do the same in the near future :D

trvpseudo - 1 month 2 days ago
Li Gang - 1 month 2 days ago

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Have a look at the JasperReports samples. There are simple Java programs that connect to data and run reports.

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