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Hi. there

i have a report 'emp' in jasper like select code,name from emp where code=$P{code} works fine in jasper report when i put 3 in empcode.

i have input control uses parameter code and my jasper report workins find withing jasper server when i purt 3 in input contorl coulumn code.

i have my worpress website and i have created a emp button and column name ecode and put following link to run above  emp report but it always give me no record. (i have also put 3 direct as parameter)


abvoe ecode has value 3 but no success also try below but ns.


i am using jasperserver 7.

please assist thanks

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this change works but still i require to replace value 3 with column parameter


aqadirhasan - 1 month 3 days ago

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