How to connect Jasper Authentication to a Auth-API?

Hi All,

So i want to connect my jasper with my other team authentication LDAP API.

this way the user will be kick out of jasper if they re not registered to access jasper.

i tried looking for this but hardly find one understandable or close to what im trying to do.

Please help!




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2 Answers:

If you just want to get all the users out of LDAP, you should look at the Authentication Cookbook:


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i would rather get your experience of how to do it rather than reading documentation :(
i did read all of those, but different when you do it.

sometimes the documentation tell you how to do it but dont explain where to do it.
like they told you to cook but dont tell where the kitchen and tools are, so we are struggling with woods and rock.
they gave you books about how to cook, soo many books that have same content but some better. you'll spend much time reading all those books to find the right one.
and when you get to a place where you could ask for a clearer hint, they jst said read those books. whats the point?

if there are steps of someone experienced the same problem and already solved it, at least theres something similar of those steps no matter which version we use.
i write steps and related documentation after my questions get solved. so people who has the same problem will have it easier after reading those.

no worries, upvote for any response i get :D
thanks for your attention at least theres someone trying to help me :)

requirement is i need jasper connect to an API for login.
the API will check if user can access jasper then go login, if not then meh.
any idea?



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