Why beforeReportInit() fires after the query has been executed?


Since I need to run some stored procedures and create some temporary tables prior to executing any of the report queries, I thought the beforeReportInit() method of the scriptlet would be an ideal place for such task.

Unfortunately, it seems that at least one of the queries executed before the beforeReportInit() method.

More precisely, this was the execution order:

1) Main report dataset query

2) beforeReportInit() method

3) Other dataset queries (I can't be sure all of the other datasets' queries executed after the scriptlet method... at least one of them did)

Is this a bug or a feature?

Is there a document with the Jasper report execution lifecycle so that I can understand the logic behind it?

Any help will be much welcomed.


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P.S. I am testing this with JasperReports library 6.5.1

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