Problem: can't save PDF output to a network share


Server is Jaspersoft Community Edition 7.2.0, Windows 64 edition

OS is Windows 10, and the network environment is Windows/Active Directory

I've enabled filesystem output via the enableSaveToHostFS variable.

I am able to save files to the locsl filesystem successfully. (for example, c:\temp)

However, when I try to save to a network share, I always get the error message "Enter a Valid Path"

I've tried mounting the share to a local drive, using the full sharename, and all sorts of combinations thereof. I always get the error.

Is there a way to save to a Windows share? 

I mean, I can set up a batch job to copy the output somewhere, but I'd rather not.

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I think this is a permissions issue: 

- Jaspersoft Server is running as a local system account, which by default doesn't have network access

Any Windows-network-saavy folks out there have a best-practices solution to this? 

valeskyt - 1 month 1 hour ago

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