Calculated Value based on summed subreport Return values is incorrect.

Below is a snip from a report where the detail lines are coming from a subreport. 

The subreport passes budget, actual and variance quantities to the master report which are summed to create the totals shown at the bottom.  The totals displayed for these fields are correct.

The percentage shown in the totals is calculated from the summed fields and is incorrect.  It is the correct value if you don't include the last detail line in the calculation. 

Percentage = (Variance / Budget) * 100

In this example I am expecting the value -50.23%.  I am getting -54.34%.

I cannot seem to fix it. 

I have messed around with the Evaluation Time for the fields show in the totals line.

I have messed around with the Increment and Reset types of the variables in the master report.

I have also moved the Totals line to different summary bands to see if that helped.

- Column Footer

- Page Footer

- Summary

Still no success.  Any ideas?

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