physically where are data adapters saved?


hi all

Can anyone tell me - when you create a new data adapter and save it

where exactly is that file stored? and is it called with an extent of jdbc??

I need to locate some i made a while ago



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i have asked this question in a rephrased manner before and I am staggered to NOBODY has bothered answering...

this is such a simple fundamental basic question and nobody cares enough to give me even a small pointer....

so much for community.... very disappointed...

george_17 - 1 year 9 months ago

1 Answer:


When you create a data adapter in Studio via the New > Data Adapter, it is stored in the Studio "workspace" in the Data Adapters area under the Repository Explorer.

You can also create data adapters in a project in the workspace. You see them as XML files.

You can export these files from the workspace and have reports use them at run time without having to programmatically provide Data Source or Connection objects. The data adapter files can be referred to in the JRXML in properties like 

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