Is it possible to export jaspersoft dashboard with visualize.js ?

Hello everyone ! 

I just discovered visualize.js and it's pretty cool ! I can display and export my reports into my angular application.

But I don't know how to export dashboards with visualize.js, maybe it's just not possible yet ?

Does anyone know if it's possible to export them ?

Thanks in advance !

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1 Answer:

Hi jean-pierre ! I had the same problem, and I think that exporting dashboards is not possible for the moment with visualize.js.

If you want to export your dashboard inside your Angular application (in PDF for example), you should just put the PDF of your dashboard into a folder of your JasperReports server and create a button in your Angular application which will redirect the user to this resource.

I put you some images here to show you how it works, have a nice day !

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