Unable to call rest v2 api jasper server 7.2.0


Getting below error while calling the rest api.

org.springframework.security.acls.model.NotFoundException: ACL should have parent !!!

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This error show that something is wrong with your resource permission structure.
That error is happening during resource permission model validation - code is going thru hierarhy and should find root permissions, if root permissions not reached - you will get this error.

ogavavka - 1 year 4 days ago

Hi, I have the exact same error, but in my case I detected that hapen because when I am going to save a Data Source I got this error loading the directories  java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1, and after this error I got the exact same error when I call to  rest_v2/reportExecutions, any help?

ymguerra - 5 months 6 days ago

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