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Hi to everyone. I´m new in the Jaspersoft Community. I need some help about JasperStarter.

I´m using symfony 3.4 and php/jasper dericktan. Everything is working pretty well, the problem is when I need send a array type parameter the command promp show this message 

"Parameter 'parameter-name' of type 'java.util.List with value 'someparametervalue' is not supported by JasperStarter!"

I set the parameter class with the option java.util.List  in the jrxml, so I changed the parameter class to java.util.Collection, and the command promp show me this message

"Parameter 'parameter-name' of type 'java.util.Collection with value 'someparametervalue' is not supported by JasperStarter!"

In my query I set this

$X{IN, column-name, parameter-name}

If someone knows how to solve this pleas tell me, or if someone have other option to send array parameter please let me know. I will apreciate so much.


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