"justified" property of textField and staticText is not working in jaspersoft report.

I want  add set text in textField and staticText as it will divide in equal space in jasper report.

Text should be distributed like bellow text.

現             金
普  通  預 金
売     上    高
仕             入

Setting textAlignment to "Justified", but it didn't work.

my code is

                <reportElement x="52" y="34" width="135" height="20" uuid="44eed122-c07e-42d0-b696-a6ad54b759a4"/>
                <textElement textAlignment="Justified" verticalAlignment="Middle" rotation="None">
                    <font fontName="Serif" size="12"/>

Can someone suggest me the solution for this?

I have to do it in jasper report and generate an report in PDF file.


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