Table border missing when content too long


I have create table with border. But, when the table content is too long, the border will be missing in other column. Can i know how to handle this?


Thank you.

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Previously I used TableComponent, but it still not solve the border problem. So I moved to second choice, I just use simple textfields with vertical lines as the border.

zaila_1 - 3 years 10 months ago

1 Answer:

Have you used the TableComponent or just placed simple textfields with borders in Detail-Band and put the static lables in ColumnHeader-Band (so my guess)?

If second, I would advice using simple vertical lines with StretchType = RelativeToBandHeight instead textfield borders. So you can achieve, that also the other "columns" are visible.Make the textfields in detail also to "transparent" (so not opaque)

Also the ugly overlapping of your stretching TextField and ColumnHeader in 2. Column would then disappear. 

hth + regards


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