Multiple lines in a column line chart

Hi, i've recently been tasked with automating some dashboards using Jasper. I want to create a chart displaying several columns and lines, but i can only ever get one line. The rest of the data is always shown as columns.

The data on the linked image is irrelevant but showcase my issue well. Here i'd want "Foreign Currency Amount" to be displayed as a line, just like "Currency rate".

Is there a hidden option that would allow that ? Or maybe in the advanced windows in Chart Format options. Maybe i could create two Ad Hoc Charts, one with columns the other with lines, and combine them when i create a new dashboard. I'm open to all solutions.

Thanks alot.


PS: Had to choose a "Related Project", since i don't know what to chose, i picked randomly :/

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1 Answer:

If jrxml chart is an option then see attached for example.  Main step is the advanced properties tab to make the type an 'spline'.  But Ad Hoc chart has more limiting capabilities so I am not sure whether it can be applied to the Ad hoc. 

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