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Hi everybody,

I need to create a report with different subreport. This subreport are based on a part of my json datasource. I created the datasource to the json file on my report and I tried to pass this datasource to the different subreport.

When I execute my main report, I see my subreport but all the fields on the subreport are null. 

For example, in the main report I have this json datasource :

    title:"Main Report",
        titleSR:"subreport 1"
        titleSR:"subreport 2"

I have a subreport in detail band of my main report and I want display this subreport with each element of datas (display "subreport 1", "subreport 2")

How can i configure my datasource of my subreport ?

thank you in advance for your help 

(Sorry about my English)


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Please post some sample JRXML files

narcism - 3 years 3 months ago

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