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I am trying to use a style condition to color the backgorund of the cell if it is greater than another column. The condition express works for the forecolor/text but it does not color the background.

    <style name="Conditional Formatting" mode="Transparent">
            <conditionExpression><![CDATA[$F{Total Accrual to Date}>=$F{Upper Target Accrual}]]></conditionExpression>
            <style mode="Opaque" forecolor="#1227E6" backcolor="rgba(255, 172, 18, 0.4117647)" fill="Solid" isBold="false"/>


The background color shows up white instead of the chosen color.

Can anyone help?

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1 Answer:


Be sure, that your TextField - where you adjust the "link" to the style - doesn't have set the mode set to TRANSPARENT explicit.  (so check the TextField attributes in jrxml source as well!)

If so, the textfield attributes will override the (conditional) Style attributes... so in former times, the old designer iReport sometimes set the color to white and the mode to transparent and you had to remove these attributes at JRXML level to get the (conditional) opaque style working. Not sure what the current JasperSoft Studio does. Just try it out.

hth + regards 


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