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In different post you refer to either of these maven repository for JasperReports artifacts:



If I look at maven central, I can see version 4.1.2 but (https://search.maven.org/search?q=g:net.sf.jasperreports%20AND%20%20v:4.1.2) but all I see is the jasperreports-4.1.2.jar. I cannot see the jasterreports-applet jar.

If I look at the jfrog maven repo, I can only see the oldest version of jasperreports as 5.6.1 (so I can't get 4.1.2) and I cannot see any jasperreports-applet jar for any version.

My questions is is there a reliable place for all versions of jasperreports where I can get all of the artifacts that can be found if I donwload them directly from your download page.  Any help is much appreciated.

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