Producing ADA PDF/UA Compliant PDFs


Our company has been delagated the task of making a set of client reports ADA Compliant with PDF/UA certification. Our reports are designed in Jaspersoft Studio and then exported using the Jasper Reports Library v6.4.0 in Java. So far, I have been able to set the 508 tags for each cell, the language and title properties, and embed the fonts all within Jaspersoft Studio. The generated reports are still not compliant due to the following reasons:

1. Circular Role Mapping found

2. Non-Standard <Text> Tag found

3. PDF/UA Identifier Missing*

* I was able to accomplish this by appending metadata to the PDF after generation using Apache PDFBox (latest version)

AFAIK, there is nothing else that can be done within Studio. I was considering replacing iText 2.1.7.js6 for generating the PDFs with PDFBox but that approach is a bit more complicated and not sure how I would go about doing so (there were no examples intregrating with Jasper). If anyone has ever encountered this situation, please let me know what approach you have taken to rectify it. Our client has tight deadline on this and is hell-bent on getting this accomplished.

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