Is there a way to export data to excel to be detected as excels format time hh:mm and [h]hh:mm



When exporting to excel, i need excel to detect cell type as format hh:mm and [h]hh:mm, it's basically a time interval., so I can perform excels SUM on selected fields and get result in format [h]hh:mm.

This is possible when doing manully in excel.

My input data is also of format hh:mm.cell  type detection is turned on.

tried sending it as string, ofc excel detects that as string.

tried parsing it using


, excel detects that as date and time (something like "1/1/1970 15:35"), while I just need the time.

tried using net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.pattern, that gives nice look of data, but nature of data in cell is still date and time.

So is there a way to export to excel and have excel cell data to be excels time hh:mm and /or [h]hh:mm format?

Thank you

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