How to display report book elements when no data in returned in main query?

Hi All,

I am trying to run a main query in the Report Book function of Jasper studio. I have many reports in this report book. Some reports are passed fields as parameters from main query and others are not (these reports have independent queries and just uses same parameters passed from main). When the main query does not return data it will show the report book as blank. I still need it to run the reports in the book that have independent queries.

Is there any way to get around report book showing up blank when its query returns no data?


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1 Answer:

Have you already tried to adjust the "WhenNoDataType" to "All Sections NoDetail"?

Also you could add a dummy group to the Main-Book Report and place all your "independet" reports to that group instead of the default content (what is the detail band). I guess (!) these DummyGroup bands should than be rendered because of "AllSectionsNoDetail" type. (but not sure... I'm not familiar with books until now)

Otherwise just use an EmptyDataSource for Main-Book.-Report and use the former Main-Query as SubQuery and pass these to the dependet Reports.

This it, what I'd try first 

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