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I have a java desktop application where I embedded a JasperReport, but upon deployment, when then end user runs the installed application, the JasperViewer does not show if the JDK is not installed and the path is not set in the System Enviroment Variables. Is there anyway to avoid this? 




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Thank you C-Box, you were right, the compiler library was missing, but when I added the library it took a lot to compile, after 9 minutes of waiting did not get the viewer shown, most likely i am doing something wrong but then I realized i do not need to compile the jrxml as the template is not modified by the end-user so instead i compiled the jrxml using the jasper studio and that is the file that will be populated, and now is even faster.

Thank you for the hint, that sholved my problem



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IMHO you won't need a full JDK installed at a client just to use the jasperreports built-in viewer. A JRE should be enough, as our customers also just use a runtime.

So probably a library is missing, so there should be thrown an exception - please post the stacktrace to identify the problem



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