POLL: Visualize JS in Community Edition (Eliminate IFRAME)

Want to see if there would be any interest in pushing to make the Visualize.js API part of the Community Edition of Jasper Server. This way standard reports and input controls can be included in HTML (i.e. embedded in applications) via the Visualize.JS API rather than embedding reports in applications via an I-Frame. It would be fairly straight forward to roll this into the Community Edition (it's likely already there, just license restricted functionality) so that developers could bring their UI into the 21st century. Just need enough Visualize JS functionality so reports and their input controls can be referenced in a standard, modern fashion.  

I'm hoping that if we can show enough interest, this would be considered in the Jasper Server roadmap in the future. The IFrame method should be depricated/eliminated asap.

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Feature request available here: please upvote!


darth_fader - 3 years 8 months ago

Would be a good move. Think it good idea. 

joseng62 - 3 years 8 months ago

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