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My mother passed away this month and I'm not really feeling too well.

She had a brain hemorrhage 6 years ago that left her right side paralyzed. The doctor told us that she may have another brain hemorrhage soon that'll probably stop her vital organs from functioning.

I was taking care of her because she didn't want to go  the a nursing home. Miraculously she stablized and I really thought everything was going well. However, she had another brain hemorrhage earlier this month that stopped her vital organs.

Since her right side was paralyzed, she really needed constant care especially since she was also coming down with dementia. She, nevertheless, was being to weaken this year so I've decided to provide patches I've announced in this forum before and provide answers to questions so I'll have some more time later. Unfortunately, she passed away right before I was finishing up.

I'm really depressed from the sudden death because she was as usual the night before. I'm also relieved because taking care of her was very demanding and I really had to psych myself up every day for all these years. Something in me snapped when she passed away and I really need to take some rest now.

I'm sure the others in this forum would be able to provide assistance.

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Sorry for you mate.

May she rest in peace

mokhtar.sougrati - 2 months 13 hours ago

My condolences, Ozawa San.  You have done amazing work these last 9 years.  We owe you a great debt.  Take a well deserved rest.  Yes, may she rest in peace. And may you find peace as well.

She, and you, are in our prayers.

djohnson53 - 2 months 12 hours ago

Sorry for your loss. Take the time needed to heal. Knowing that we all will pass does not make it any easier when we lose loved ones. 

kwint - 2 months 12 hours ago
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May she rest in peace, and my condolences. She will live on in your memories. Please accept my sympathies for your loss.

gdmoreno - 2 months 10 hours ago

My condolences. Thank you for everything you have done and the amazing assistence you have provided. I have seen much of your work on this community website and we all greatly appreciate the work you have done.

pjimenez_2 - 2 months 8 hours ago

Hitoshi, thanks for taking the time to write a note at this difficult time. You're an amazing contributor to this community, some rest is more than deserved. My condolences and deepest sympathies for your loss.

kkumlien - 1 month 4 weeks ago

I am very sorry for your loss. You have done so much for the Jaspersoft community and I myself use your articles frequently. Take all the time you need!

sgeissle - 1 month 3 weeks ago

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