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Would it be possible to link from the pages to the main page

That isfrom the TocPart to the Report pages and from pages toTocPart?

Basically I would need a "INTRO" (as in the imagethat allows youto take me back to the beginning of the Report.

Do you know a functional solution

Thanks in advance

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Grazie mille ottima soluzione.... funziona perfettamente


yfattibene - 3 weeks 5 days ago

1 Answer:


Hi yfattibene ! 

To do this you need to use Anchors, first set an anchor name to the element you want to go (a text field in the title band for example) :


Then, create another text field in your header and set the hyperlink properties to "Self", "LocalAnchor", "your_anchor_name" like i did in this picture :


Preview your report and everything should work fine :) 

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