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Hi all!

Using Jaspersoft Studio 6.6.0 on Linux with a report setup I inherited here. I followed the tutorial at to have multiple columns (2 currently) containing the same subreport. The basic idea works. Different data records are shown in the two columns.

My subreport design:

The main data elements are a subreport containing a heading and a text field, an image, and another copy of the heading + text field subreport (will be replaced with other data later).

For short entries this does produce valid results:


However, if the text gets too long, the second column disappears - even though all elements appear to stretch and float appropriately and the static bottom text element is still correctly placed in the first column. The lost column isnt on the next page either, it feels like maybe some invisible element overflows into the second column and hides the content:

Do you have any tips on debugging this? Does it look like a familiar problem? After switching to the horizontal print order to get multiple columns I also had a lot of problems with the "Subreport overflowed on a band that does not support overflow." exception for long texts, but this disappeared after resizing things a bit.

Thanks for your time!


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