Better and updated documentation on how to setup JasperReports cluster


I am trying to follow theses two links to setup session replication for my JasperReports 7.1 on Tomcat 8. However, the official docs is for JasperReports 5.5, which is pretty outdated. Basically, I am setting up a JasperReports cluster in a dpcler swarm. Unfortunately, sticky session is a paid feature in docker enterprise edtion. I have to go for session replication. Can someone provide an updated guide on how to setup JasperReport cluster for v7.1 on Tomcat 8? Or any instruction to setup a cluster in docker swarm will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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All of our documentation can be found at this link:

In the JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide, you can find a section on clustering. That can be found here:

Section specifically on Session Management and replication:

I hope this helps.



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