Can a text document ( .doc, .txt ) be used as a template in the Jasper report? And that the document contains labels, which can be replaced by data values obtained in consultation?

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I would like to know if it is possible to interact with a text document through the Jasper report (through Scriptlet). And that this, contains "tags" to replace them with values obtained by consulting DataSets.

My goal is to get the user to create their own documents with a series of rules (I say by how to locate the "tags") and dynamically these can be replaced by the corresponding values of the queries.

I would appreciate obtaining an example or someone who had applied it, introduce us to this option.
And I hope I expressed myself well!

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I need to read a file from a path or a blob field in the database and I want to complete some areas with information from the database (by filling in fields / tags to combine). Maintaining the format that user puts.

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