Dashboard input parameters are showing up as null, need help as appears to be same as API


I have been trying to add Dashboards into my system for the last few weeks, I have gotten them displaying but the input parameters are not being passed through and always show up as null. I need the input parameters to ensure I show the correct account ID, the method I use for reports works and the same report in a Dashboard does not work. I have trawled through all the documentation and cannot find where I am going wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated, below are two snippets of code from the non functioning Dashboard to the functioning Report.


dashboard = v.dashboard({

        resource: dashboardToShow,

        params: {

         OrgId : [orgID],

         "SubOrgId" : [1]



report = v.report({

resource: reportToDisplay,

params: {

      "OrgId" : [orgID],

"DateRangeFrom" : [fromDate],

"DateRangeTo" : [toDate],

"SubOrgId" : [subOrgID]



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