Running reports from multiple timezones?


Hi all,


I am in the middle of a timezone drama here and would appreciate any suuggestions on the matter. My problem is the following: I have to set up reports on a jasperserver on which people from different timezones will be running such reports.

Reports are made in Jaspersoft Studio and server is in UTC time. When I log in with UTC time all goes fine, but when loged in with PST timezone, parameters on report don't behave as expected, eg: when a date is selected and printed on report, it shows a time difference, not 12:00 AM whch is what it usually shows when selecting a date. This time difference of course can couse to show even another day.

What I need is that parameter on report behaves according login timezone not server timezone.

Any Ideas?


Edit: I just noticed a question here which seems to be my same problem but unfortunatley got no answer.

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