Why does JasperStudio declare an image as an object?


I ask, because that causes a rather obscure failure when you attempt to run the report on the Jasper Reports Server. 

The error states that the report may have been moved etc.

What actually happens is that Jasper Server doesn't know what to do with (in particular) how to render an "object" which is what Studio "just does."

The solution/workaround I found is to change the field definition thusly:

FROM:     <field name="labslip" class="java.lang.Object">

TO: <field name="labslip" class="java.awt.Image">

So, my question comes down to this...

Why, when you use Studio to put an image on the report page does it declare it as an Object?

This seems really sketchy behaviour. Either that, or I'm not doing it the "right way" whatever that is.

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1 Answer:


That's just a default setting because an image can be specified in several different ways.

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