Are Hyperlinks possible in Ad-Hoc views\Tables

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Hi Everyone,

I’m fairly new to the Jaspersoft world so please excuse me if the question I am posting is stupid and/or simple.  I am using JasperReports Server ver 6.2

What I am trying to do is related to hyperlinks.  I have a number of ad-hoc views in a dashboard, these ad-hoc views show summary data, for example one shows summary info relating to defects, i.e. it shows a defect code and a brief description of the defect.

What I would like to do is have the code set as a hyperlink so that when the user selects the code a new screen is opened that displays the defect detail.

I can see that there is some hyperlink functionality related to ‘Text’ items but can you set up hyperlinks in tables of data?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards


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1 Answer:

Not a stupid question. The answer is that you cannot. There is no hyperlink capabilities in Ad Hoc views and reports and we have an enhancement request for this. Reference ticket is JS-7132 which is targetted for a future release. The timeframe is uncertain so I won't mention it. For Ad Hoc Charts you can hyperlink.

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