Running a group of reports on demand


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I have several reports designed in studio which I have uploaded to the server. I want to be able to manually trigger running a set of reports manually once the last peice of data is received each month, which has no set schedule. Some of the reports need to be saved for accounting in xlsx format with a specific name to a specific folder. Others are ment for management and need to be saved in PDF format. Is there a way I can set up a job to with all of the input controls selected and file names designated by manually triggering the report run? I cannot run the report set on a schedule as I do not know from month to month when the reports will be ready to run.

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We just have a script calls JasperReport Server's REST APIs to schedule/execute report generation. We're scheduling them for immediate execution instead of executing report generation to avoid many concurrent report execution. Running many concurrent report execution will bring server to be very slow while scheduling will put report execution in a queue to avoid this.

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