Can we design letter with iReport?

At first, I know iReport/Jaspersoft by an aplication for a letter creator. I was told to design a special letter for my office in iReport. Can we even do that? Because, I found out that iReport should be like a billing note or something like that. 

Actually, my problem is here:  

I need to design a template of letter that not looping and must be strechy and overflowy without duplicate or similar. I have never find anything usefull in google.

Thank you

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Yes I use Jaspersft Studio. And it is still the same. I need a design that can contain more than 2 pages. Title and Summary is not enough. And also need a Dynamic size of the band in the pages. If the text os long, it need to be automaticaly streching.

Here is the example of my design :

adeputr4 - 4 years 5 months ago

1 Answer:

First, iReport has long ago been depreciated and it is no longer being developed nor supported. The new tool is Jaspersoft Studio.

That said, it is possible to design a form letter templete with Jaspersoft Studio. Just use only Title or Summary band to design your letter.

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