Subreport Data not printing in pdf


I have a subreport embedded in the first page of the jasper. I have to change the sql query for the subreport but when I do that no subreport data is printed.

I am passing a parameter from the main report to the subreport, Also invoice_date is matched from two table like this

inv_sumary_invoice_date = TO_DATE ($P{INVOICE_DATE}, 'DD-MM-YYYY') --[inv_sumary_invoice_date (DATE)]

invoice_date = $P{INVOICE_DATE} -- [invoice_date (VARCHAR2)]


NOTE: When I replace the new query with the old one, data is available again

I can not share the code

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From the information you've provided, all I can say is that you have a bug in your code. Try printing out the result of the sql query to make sure they are what you want.


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